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The Reasons Behind Semi-Solid Log Homes’ Popularity in South Africa


More and more property owners are opting for semi-solid log homes in South Africa, as the industry’s consistent growth proves. There are many reasons for this, however in general, it would seem as though consumers are becoming more aware of the great benefits that these wooden structures offer. Thanks to its cost-effectiveness a lot more consumers can afford to enter the property market and own a property.

What is a Semi-solid Log?

The semi-solid logs that are used in the design and build of homes derives from a full, round log that’s been cut in half along the length of the pole. The size of the half-round or semi-solid log will ultimately be determined by the pole’s thickness. Common sizes used in the timber building industry range from 22mm, 32mm, 50mm or 62mm. Log Home Factory makes use of the 50mm variety as standard in our semi-solid log homes.

The costs of the project will escalate with the thickness of the logs used. However, one should keep in mind that this is a lifelong investment and you’re building a home that you will enjoy living in for many years to come. Your timber home’s design will be seen to by expert designers who will invest the time and expertise needed to produce a quality product that will live up to the challenges of modern day living.

The complete log is CCA treated in a vacuum penetration process, before being cut or processed. This is what produces the greenish tint easily noticeable in CCA treated timber.

Why a Semi-Solid Log Home?

Here are a few of the many reasons behind semi-solid log homes’ persistent popularity:

  • Eco-friendly economical design;
  • Modern designs for timber homes;
  • SANS 10082:2007 approved and compliable timber used offering high water penetration resistance; fire resistance; treatment against decay, fungal and insect attacks;
  • Healthy, organic living environment;
  • Minimal site disturbance – no heavy trucks with loads of stone, bricks and cement ruining the terrain;
  • Pre-manufactured and self-construction made easy with DIY; and
  • Integrating positive elements of environment, design, function and resources, among many other reasons.

Ask yourself, what is the mental image you see when you think of a timber home? Is it a crudely constructed, leaking and mouldy cabin in the middle of nowhere? No! Timber homes are beautifully designed architectural structures that offer great curb appeal. You will also benefit from other advantages of modern, stylish elegance and the charm and character that accompany semi-solid log homes.

Affordable Semi-Solid Log Homes from Log Home Factory

We have been operating in the timber home industry for many years with great success. The combination of our commitment to customer service excellence and to providing our clients with high quality semi-solid log homes, has helped us to solidify our industry leading status. We continuously work hard to raise the standards of the industry and deliver the best quality products available on the South African market.

Log Home Factory has worked to make the process of building your timber home as easy as possible with our pre-manufactured DIY kits, designs and expert guidance. You will also receive a full set of construction plans for your semi-solid log home when you choose one of our existing designs, or choose a custom design. This will include the roof, beams and floor plan and the pillar foundation plan. Aside from that the DIY kit will also include the electrical and plumbing layout and material lists.

Our team of timber structure experts will work with you from start to finish, helping you to decide on, design and ultimately enjoy living in your timber home. We also offer handmade decking blocks, American deck chairs and handrails and stairs to finish off your beautiful new home with.

There are many reasons why it makes sense to invest in a timber home – and an investment it will truly be. If you’d like to learn more about Log Home Factory’s affordable, quality and durable semi-solid log homes, contact us. We are looking forward to helping you make the best investment in your new timber home today.

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